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Roda House is a real estate brokerage agency situated in an elegant building overlooking the lake of Como. It is specialized in high-level properties and it is a competent partner able to meet the desires of buyers and to offer the best possible solutions. Roda House has been proposing itself since 2009 as the ideal consultant for those looking for a charming residence or those who wish to place a luxury property on the market. Roda House offers only unique, antique or modern dwellings just like luxury apartments, charming attics, wonderful villas, historic castles and extraordinary houses appreciated for their elegance and beauty.
Roda House is located in Como in Lungo Lario Trento 15 just a few steps from the famous Piazza Cavour overlooking the Lake of Como and its promenade.


The city of Como

Como is known worldwide for the beauty of its unique and enchanting territory as well as for the towns and villages located on the shores of the lake, both in the direction of Bellagio and Menaggio.
It is situated on the southern tip of the western branch of the Lake of Como, in a small valley surrounded by wooden morainic hills. Como is located in direct proximity to Switzerland and only 40 km from Milan.
The historic center of the city of Como is surrounded by the old medieval walls that hide delightful corners with characteristic pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy, in a very peaceful environment, the beauty of the city such as the Duomo, fine monuments and other places full of history.
The city offers its citizens and its many Italian and foreign visitors. the possibility to enjoy elegant shopping streets with fashion prestigious Made in Italy boutiques.
Como is renowned worldwide to be “the silk capital” thanks to the textile industry, which for years has been brought prestige to the city.
The Lake of Como Region is characterized by a great variety of landscapes dotted by inhabited settlements as the best proof of the hard-work and creativity of human being on the natural environment. Beautiful villas surrounded by secular parks, architectural examples of extraordinary artistic and religious values, archaeological finds and old settlements, fortifications and bastions, traces of culture and history may be found in specific museums that, thanks to thematic tours, will lead you to the discovery of famous writers and personalities like Alessandro Manzoni and Alessandro Volta, who gave dignity and fame to these places thanks to their literary masterpieces.
In particular, the province of Como can offer different thematic tours, especially with regard to the Villas and gardens, Romanesque churches and rationalist architecture.
The already Celtic fortified settlement became “castrum” with the Roman conquest in the first century B.C. In fact, there are important testimonies of the Romanesque period, such as Sant’Abbondio in San Fedele and Porta Torre.
In 1875, following to the opening of Via Plinio, Piazza Cavour was connected to the beautiful Piazza del Duomo, which is the ancient religious and civic centre of the city. There, the Duomo dating back to ‘300 and completed with the dome by Juvarra in the’ 700, and the Broletto, ancient Romanesque-Gothic style seat of the municipality built in 1215, and subject to subsequent reworking.
The Volta Mausoleum is on the shore of the lake. It is a little temple in neoclassical style, built in 1927 for the first centenary of Alessandro Volta’s death, and, nearby, the Monumento ai Caduti, erected in 1933 design by the futurist architect Antonio Sant’Elia, the Stadio Giuseppe Sinigaglia, and Novocomum (1927/29), by Giuseppe Terragni, one of the best examples of Italian rationalist architecture.
Along the shore it is possible to admire some beautiful seven-eight hundred patrician villas, all surrounded by greenery: Villa Parravicino , Villa Resta Palladici known as “La Rotonda”, seat of the Provincial Administration and of the Gallia, residence built in 1615 for Marco Gallio. Last but not least, Villa Olmo, so-called for a giant elm tree survived in the forest of Pliny the Younger. It was built in the late eighteenth century at the behest of Innocenzo Odescalchi, designed by Simone Cantini and renovated a century later preserving the neoclassical structure. Villa Geno is on the opposite bank, in neoclassical style, built in 1850 and designed by Giacomo Tazzini. It is surrounded by a large garden according to a typically romantic taste.


The lake of Como

The online newspaper “The Huffington Post” ranked it in 2014 as the “most beautiful lake in the world”. It is the deepest lake in Italy and the most extensive, unique for its microclimate.
The landscape of the Lake of Como consists of a perfect balance between the way the towns were built according to the simplicity of the most humble ancient villages and the majestic historical villas.
The narrow width of the basin of the Lake of Como makes clearly visible from one point of the shore to the other, the prestigious and numerous historical villas. Those villas have represented over the centuries the most favorite meeting point for aristocrats and artists.
The only island on the lake is the famous Comacina Island, which boasts a medieval glorious past as an independent fortress and centre of important historical events, a must go destination for those who visit Como and its lake. The island is bordered by a bay that extends towards Lenno, the Lavedo peninsula, bordering the Gulf of Venus and ends in the Villa Balbianello, heritage of the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano)
Ascending from the city along the western shore you reach first of all the city of Cernobbio, full of monumental villas such as Villa d’Este, Villa Erba and Villa Pizzo, then the city of Moltrasio where numerous artists such as Vincenzo Bellini and Winston Churchill have stayed. Then you reach the city of Laglio, known worldwide for George Clooney’s Villa.
Then, on the side, the cities of Tremezzo, Cadenabbia and Griante where you’ll have the chance to visit the gardens of Villa Carlotta and the San Martino church.
On the other shore is Bellagio, most popular tourist hotspots and positioned on the tip of the promontory that separates the three branches of the lake. Bellagio is also renowned for its monumental villas, Villa Melzi, and Villa Serbelloni, seat of the Rockefeller Foundation and for the shopping staircase.
Going down toward Como, the mysterious Villa Pliniana of Torno that housed Napoleon, Alessandro Manzoni, Ugo Foscolo, Stendhal, Byron, Giuseppe Verdi, Vincenzo Bellini and Gioachino Rossini. Leonardo da Vinci studied the intermittent source gushing from a rock, today enclosed in the internal courtyard of the building. Antonio Fogazzaro set his novel Malombra, from which scenes of the homonymous film by Mario Soldati.
The lake of Como offers also a navigation service with extraordinary cruises.


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